Scrub “Lavender Citrus”

This Scrub is not only the sweet touch your skin needs, but also has a calming effect on your mind with its soothing fragrance.

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Sea salt, Sugar, Glycerin, Baobab oil, Shea oil, Sunflower oil, Lavender Essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil




Scoop a generous amount into your hands or loofah sponge and scrub in circular motion on your wet body. Rinse off, dry and apply your favorite body butter, fusion or oil.

The fresh and minty smell of this scrub leaves you feeling refreshed after a shower and at the same time improves the texture of your skin.

Key Ingredients

Atlantic Sea Salt (Exfoliating) – Sea Salt helps to deeply cleanse pores, balance oil production and decrease bacteria that can cause breakouts and acne. Since sea salt can absorb the toxins from the skin, it is a natural cleanser and detoxifier. It also helps increase circulation, has antiseptic properties and soothes and softens irritated skin.

Honey (Softening) – Honey is nature’s ultimate beauty product. The acids in honey have been known to help one’s skin look youthful. Numerous studies have proven its effectiveness in fighting infection, promoting new skin growth and even lessening scarring. Honey hydrates, moisturizes, soothes and softens leaving skin soft and supple.

Peppermint Essential Oil (Stimulating) – Peppermint oil’s cooling power comes from the high percentage of menthol in its leaves. Menthol has antibacterial properties and is used externally to stimulate nerve endings and increase blood flow. Peppermint oil is ideal for improving skin texture and clearing up blemished skin. It is a good treatment for eczema, dermatitis, inflammation and muscle aches.

Coconut Oil (Revitalizing) is a great moisturizer. When rubbed into the skin, the rich natural fats are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply to plump up your cells creating a smoother, softer, healthier and more youthful appearance. We use only virgin cold-pressed virgin coconut oil which conserves the nutritive components of coconuts such as natural squalene and vitamin E.