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Manera are us: You, Him, Her and I. We are people of Africa, a world rich in history, culture and values.

Manera comes from Africa

We are Manera, bits and pieces from here and there, from Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory coast, Togo and from all Africa soils.

We live on common grounds but we are not common, our African traditions tie us to our roots but our aspiration to a brighter, enjoyable living future opens our eyes to a much modern world, a younger, progressive African overwhelmed with pleasant shapes, colors, tastes and sounds.

We are people of earth, surrounded with a beauty made with our own hands. From Cloth to traditional paintings to natural cosmetics, we just know the right components to shape our environments and color our lives.

Old and young as the sun of our warm countries, we worship our past and look forward to the future. Bargains in the old market are for us as easy as a mouse click on eBay.

We share similar traditions, sometimes-similar habits and even similar dishes from our flavorsome diverse cuisine… we share the same feelings but we are different as Minds, we are Manera.

Our Partners

With their long experience in producing natural cosmetics of the highest quality, our partners derive the natural benefits of valuable natural ingredients.


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Manera Africa

Handmade cosmetics with shea butter

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